Mrs. Powers Dinner & Door Bell

Mrs. Powers Dinner & Door Bell

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In this hectic, high-tech world where daily chaos is de rigueur, cutting through the hustle and bustle can be as easy as ringing a bell. Crafted of forged iron with a rich patina finish, the Mrs. Powers Dinner and Door Bell hearkens back to simpler times. Perched among the flowers and curlicues, this cheerful little helper is at your beck-and-call to, well, beckon and call! While it may not have quite the range of a cell tower, this bell is quaint enough that once you wrangle all your cowpokes home for supper, you may have to send them out into the yard just to call them back in!


7" wide, 21" tall, 13.25" deep


Handcrafted of forged iron with a rich black/brown patina finish. Bracket includes mounting fasteners. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Made in India.

Care and Use

Application of a sealant coating is recommended for lasting beauty outdoors.